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Tower Series

Perfect Architecture,
Thoughtfully Arranged

Pure Form, Refined Function

Compact footprint, effectively utilizing the limited space.

Design Honor Roll

Designed around the precepts of “ form follow function ” and “ minimalist design. ”
– from iF Design Award

The iF DESIGN AWARD was founded in 1954, is well known as the “Design Oscar” as one of the most important design competitions in the world.

“Under the inherent limitations of the module…the minimalist lines do not lose the sense of design.”
– from Good Design Award

The Good Design Award aims to promote the development of industrial industries, and society by evaluating excellent design works.

“These network-attached storage devices show a functional, coherent design blend excellently with any workspace.”
– from Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award: Product Design, whose origins date back to 1955, appraises the best products created every year.

“This brand-new network attached storage unit offers storage solutions for small and enterprise business to store their most valuable data.”
– from IDEA Award

The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is the most prestigious design award and regarded as the most difficult design competition and the only worldwide industrial award.

Visual Purity Purely Useful

Refined Integration

Integrated all storage functions including indicators, buttons, port, service door and drive trays into the inlaying black band on the gunmetal gray, while keeping it simple and elegant, to soften the impression of a typical storage device.

Flexible Space Utilization

Without increasing additional dimension, we design an exclusive hidden SSD slot, not just to provide various advanced features, but also without sacrificing storage capacity.

Focus on Perfection

Considering the office environment, we provided a hidden heat dissipation solution on the bottom. Together with a smart fan control system, even if the device is under high speed operation, we can have a pleasant experience and also achieve a low dust accumulation. The appropriate luminace of the indicators, are like gems in the darkness, gleaming but not dazzling.

Hidden Dissipates Heat

Smart Fan Control

Elegant Lighting

Simple & Intuitive Use

The green certain tabs used in the enterprise level device can clearly indicate the position of the components to be operated, making the process simple and easy. Thereby improving the maintenance efficiency.

Effortless Installation

Tool-less drive tray and service door design, anyone can install and maintain the device without having IT background.

Tool-less Installation

Anyone can install or replace a disk without using any tools.

Easy Upgrade

The service door on the side can be easily opened just with a simple tool. Users can install a SSD or upgrade the memory quickly without frustration.

Magnetic Lock Key

The magnetic key can stick to the back of the device, reducing the possibility of losing the key.

Every Environment

Remote workers, Freelancer and SOHOs are becoming more prevalent today. To provide the ability to manage their data anywhere at any time, we developed a series of simple storage devices to empower the enterprise solution to optimize user's needs. We hope to let the data storage solution to have a wider range of applications, not just in the server room, but for numerous kind of business environment.

Fulfill Your Needs

The XCubeNAS series provide numerous configurations, 2+1, 4+1, 6+1, 8+1, which allow users to select different capacity and composition according to your need.

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