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XEVO 1.1 Features Specs Live Demo

The web-based GUI for QSAN All-Flash Array

Reducing learning and maintenance efforts through our innovative interface design, We allow engineers to focus on more valuable efforts while reducing repetitive tasks and providing complete data analytics, XEVO caters to industry trends and changes observed through many user generations, as well as the demand for hardware and software, creating a new vision for this traditional industry.

What's New in XEVO 1.1

QSAN XCubeFAS All-Flash Array brings high-end products to SMB users, allowing users to have enterprise-level products at an affordable price. In order to provide better experience for user, QSAN has been improving storage confidentiality and providing more flexible management, so lets introduce you the most robust and intuitive XEVO FW 1.1.

Reliable, Ensuring Your Data Yours

Protect Enterprise Digital Assets

XCubeFAS supports the most demanding disk encryption technology to ensure the most stringent protection while meeting performance requirements. With the support of SED SSD (Self-Encrypted SSD) and ISE (Instant Secure Erase), XEVO significantly reduces the risk of data being stolen if the hard disk is lost or taken away, and ensures the data in the SSD can be erased quickly; the erased data is no longer readable or restored.

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Whether it is military, public agencies, financial institutions, or company databases, it is necessary to collect a large amount of information. For instance, while doing various transactions, financial institutions handles large amount of sensitive information, as well as some vital investment with analysis reports. All these information require strict security control. With the support of SED, XEVO provides military-grade security. If the SED SSD is stolen, the SED SSD will be automatically locked before the corresponding authentication encryption key in the XCubeFAS system is entered. The data in the SSD cannot be obtained in any other way.ISE uses the encryption key technology to return the solid-state drive to its default factory state instantly. Due to changes in the key, the data initially stored on the SSD will no longer be considered valid, which means that the original data on the SSD will no longer be readable or restored.Data deletion through the ISE function is speedy. If a 3.2TB SSD is processed through low-level formatting, it takes about 18 hours to complete, but it takes only 10 to 15 seconds to achieve secure erase of data by using ISE.

Quality, Allocating Resources More Effectively

All-Flash Array Requires More Workload Balancing

In mission-critical applications, reaction time often determines the quality of the task, and the most critical tasks do not allow for any delay. To provide effective services to every mission, XEVO's QoS (Quality of Service) ensures that the service requirements of the job are met, and balances the workload of the system.

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Agile, Allocating Resources More Effectively

Authorizations of Users Responsibility (QAuth 1.0)

To improve the management and execution efficiency of the IT department, companies need to have talents with different professions to manage storage devices. XCubeFAS grants different users the required permissions through different account access control rights provided by XEVO QAuth 1.0.

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Permission control of XEVO Qauth 1.0 enables the execution of tasks such as account management, report processing, connection settings, system updates, storage configuration, and general monitoring. Team members are empowered to manage resources through the authority and control of the user's level and responsibility, and can smoothly and efficiently complete the delivered work to meet the needs of business owners.

Refine, Integrating Easily and Achieving Unified Management

Develop Quickly, Manage Efficiently

XEVO supports RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces), enables XEVO to be deployed on any complex network system. Datacenter applications can leverage XEVO's RESTful API to integrate XEVO into their existing central management program. As a result, organizations can take control of all XCubeFAS systems in the IT environment through existing hypervisors

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Time-saving, Seeing it at a Glance

Find out the Killer that Affects System Performance at a Glance

XEVO records all the tasks currently running on the system and presents them to the user in a clear and concise manner. With this feature, XEVO lets you monitor all resource allocations at a glance, identifying tasks that cause system performance degradation, allowing you to react most appropriately right now.

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